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تخرج الدكتوراه - Phd Graduation
With Professor Gordon Marshall, Vice Chancellor of the University of Reading, at my PhD graduation ceremony 7/7/2005.  
مع البروفسور غوردن مارشال أثناء حفل التخرج لشهادة الدكتوراه - 7 يوليو 2005م

Hamdan Dammag همدان دماج

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 I was born in Ibb, Yemen. I did my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Reading. My PhD thesis is titled "Safecharts: A variant of Statecharts for specification and design of safety-critical systems". I am a researcher, writer, novelist and a journalist. I have published many literature works (articles, short stories and poems) in many newspapers and magazines. I am the author of 4 books, and the Editor-in-Chief of Ghaiman Magazine. See more in my literature page

I am married and have three children, Feras, Shehab and Layan.


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